friday october 30

today i went with my roommate to a burger joint on ossington. it was nearly full when we came on, and we lucked into the last empty table in the place, one that seated four people. after we'd been sitting there for a minute or two, three things happened:

1. my roommate went to the washroom.
2. a couple at a two-person table behind us finished and left.
3. a group of four came into the restaurant.

seeing what was happening, i anticipated the next move; sure enough, the waiter came up and asked me if we'd mind switching tables, so we could optimize the table usage. having readied myself for this scenario, i quickly agreed, and moved my coat to the other table. however, with my roommate still in the washroom, i had to move her stuff as well, which i was unprepared for. to my surprise, she not only had a coat, but her phone sitting on the table, and TWO different bags. as i struggled to figure out how to move all of her belongings in one smooth move, the waiter swopped in and took half of it, saving me some potential embarrassment.

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