sunday november 29

today i got groceries at the nearby metro. when i'd picked up everything i needed, i headed for an open line. when i approached the line, i noticed that there was a full grocery cart positioned behind the last person lined up. unsure of whether i should stand behind the cart or push my way ahead of it, i hesitated for a minute behind the cart, until its owners (two dudes) came back with a couple more items and took their place in line. this perplexed me. had i been in a rush, or if i were a little more combative in general, i would've had a curb your enthusiasm moment with these guys. i mean, first of all, an unattended grocery cart shouldn't suffice as a line-holder -- if you need to pick up no groceries, you're not ready for the line! take your cart with you! if you do need to just grab one or two more things that you forgot, well, there are two of you there. have one stay with the cart while the other gets the food. the way these guys handled the situation was just ridiculous. however, with nothing on my plate the rest of the day and no desire to get into it in line at the metro, i held my tongue, waited an extra three minutes, and avoided a confrontation.

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