sunday march 21

today i went to pizza pizza to order myself a walk-in special: a medium pepperoni pizza. when i placed my order, i was told it would take about 15 minutes, and sat down across the restaurant from the only other guy waiting there. over the next little while, i paid little attention to the goings-on around me, texting a couple friends and generally killing time. finally, i heard the call of "medium pepperoni!" i looked up and noticed the other guy had left, meaning the pizza must be mine. however, another lady, with her husband and kid, had jumped up and was approaching the counter. hesitating, i wondered if the family had come in ahead of me, and returned in time to get their order. i hung back and watched as the employee handed her the pizza and a dipping sauce (curious, i thought, since this had been my exact order). she took the pizza back to her family and excitedly opened it. immediately, their faces dropped. this is not what we ordered, their faces said. rolling my eyes, i stepped forward as she tried to return the pizza and complain. "i think that's mine..." i said. the pizza pizza employee confirmed the mistake, and the woman apologized. while she seemed sincere, i couldn't help but silently judge her, not only for being entirely unaware of the fact that i'd been there ahead of her, but also for grabbing the pizza that had been announced as "medium pepperoni!" when that was clearly not what she had ordered. ugh!!

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