sunday march 28

today i had a friend from montreal in town, who wanted to meet "for coffee." while i'm not a coffee drinker myself, i knew of a nearby shop called saving gigi that had gotten rave reviews from most of my friends. i'd never been to and wanted to try it, so i suggested we meet there. when we arrived, the feel was not quite what i expected. we ended up sitting at the only spots left -- the end of a community table in the middle of the room, next to two individuals on their laptops. the situation made me feel as if were at a library, and that our small talk was disturbing the tranquil setting. after we'd been there for about 20 minutes, the girl next to me put away her laptop in favour of some sort of small canvas, and began painting. is this what people do at coffee shops? is this what i'm missing out on by not drinking hot beverages?


Steph said...

Despite being able to see Saving Gigi from my bed, i never actually go there. I feel like I'm invading their clubhouse or something.

Next coffee date - Lit, just east of college and ossington, is pretty great. and new.

Jack Kentala said...

Coffee shops are where people go to do arty shit like write poems and sketch instead of being in their studio apartment or to avoid their SportsCenter-watching roommate.