tuesday march 23

today i got a ride to london from my aunt and uncle. unable to take their two dogs with them to london overnight, they had dropped them off at a "pet hotel" before the trip. they shared with me some of the increasingly surreal details of this hotel, which i will now repeat:
  • the cost was $35 per dog per night.
  • their dogs had gotten a "suite" so they could stay together, rather than apart.
  • one of their dogs was getting a $75 "spa treatment" which included a haircut and what sounded like a makeover.
  • there would be "doggie ice cream" (no lactose).
  • the dogs would be able to watch dog-themed movies.
  • if they wanted to check in on their dogs, they were able to phone them. the dogs would get on the phone in the hotel's "bone booth." i am not making this up.


Denice said...

whats your favourite dog themed movie, luke?

luke said...

is this a setup from cali? she knows i'll say homeward bound 2: lost in san francisco!!!

cali barbara said...

aahaha. no, i didn't put her up to it!
remember when i found your copy of homeward bound 2: lost in san francisco in your toy chest??

luke said...

how could i ever forget.

remember when i wrote this? what a freak.

Jack Kentala said...

I'd stay for the dog-themed movies.