friday april 23

today i went to the laundromat, threw my laundry in the washing machine, started the load, and left. i usually do some errands while waiting for the 25-minute cycle to complete, and after about 24 minutes, i returned to move my wet clothes to the dryer. as soon as i walked into the place, i noticed an odd rumbling, banging sound coming from my machine. it was quite annoying and noticeable, and i felt embarrassed about the fact that it must have been going on the entire time i was gone. i tried to remember if i could have left any sort of objects in my pockets that would be making noise inside the washer, but drew a blank, and had to conclude that it was just an unlucky machine. it was a huge relief when the cycle came to an end about 30 seconds later, without my earning any judging glances from anyone else in the laundromat. i can't imagine how uncomfortable i would've been if i'd stuck around the whole time, sheepishly standing next to my noise machine.

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