thursday april 15

today i went to the blue jays game with a couple friends. we sat in the 500 level for the first half of the game, but around the fifth inning, vowed to head down to the 100 level, where there were a ton of empty seats. we made our way down one of the ramps to the main concourse, but upon arriving at the 100-level entrance saw a yellow-vested security guard blocking the way and looking at us. not knowing how to proceed, we all slowed down, very unsure of ourselves for a few seconds. it was at this point that the pacing security guard turned around and faced the opposite direction, essentially allowing us to walk past her, behind her back. after this fortunate turn, we faced the obstacle of getting past the ushers into a specific section of seats. we were worried we'd be asked for our tickets. after a couple minutes of planning the timing (and debating whether it would be better to walk in with full hands), we made our move, and faced no resistance as we walked down to about 15 rows behind the first-base dugout. though it was a good feeling scoring the prime seats that we did, the whole process felt slightly embarrassing, like we were underage kids stressing about getting into a bar that never checks IDs.

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Burcu said...

Amazing! I'm jealous.