wednesday april 7

today i planned on getting a ride from london to toronto with a friend. i was dropped off at her house and was unclear enough about our plan (ie. whether she would be ready to go, whether our other friend who was coming would be at her house yet, what the vehicle we'd be driving looked like, etc.) that a running car in the driveway gave me pause. as i approached it, it looked to me as if the two people in the driver's and passenger's seats were my two friends, already set to go and waiting for my arrival. given that traffic had made getting to her place take longer than i expected, this made sense to me. so, i attempted to open the door to the back seat and climb into the car, only to find it locked. at this point, the passenger-side window rolled down and i peered into the vehicle. the two girls in the car were decidedly not who i thought they were, and in fact looked like terrified 16 year olds that i'd never seen before in my life. embarrassed, and feeling creepier than i have all year, i apologized profusely, explaining: "i thought you were someone else...."

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cali barbara said...

aahahaha you creepy crawler.