friday may 7

today i walked to the subway station to take the ttc to the greyhound station, where i planned to take a bus home to london. a few seconds after i left my house, it began to rain, which was annoying, but knowing i didn't have much outdoor walking to do, i didn't mind. upon arriving at the subway station, i paid my fare and went to board the first eastbound train that came. however, as soon as i stepped on board, an announcement played, asking everyone to unload and wait for the next train. five minutes later, when the next train arrived, the same thing happened. at this point i was starting to get nervous about making it to the greyhound station on time, and this concern only grew when i noticed an announcement scrolling along the television in the station, suggesting that it could be a 15-minute wait before the next boardable train arrived. this news prompted me to leave the station, having spent three dollars to stand on the subway platform for 15 minutes, and attempt to find a cab outside (where the rain had picked up). after a few unsuccessful, wet minutes, i ultimately decided to go back home, go back to bed, and take a bus later in the day. no regrets.

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