monday may 10

today i decided to log in and check out an opportunity that had recently opened for me. i'd been approved to write for demand studios, a company that pays freelance writers to write "how to" articles. i figured at worst it could be an easy occasional source of extra income, but the site's list of possible assignments changed my mind. after browsing through approximately 200 assignment titles, i didn't see a single one that i was remotely qualified to write. favourites included:
  • how to recover & clean the carpet of a 125 gallon truck mount
  • how to repair a GE spacemaker dryer
  • how to become a singer in greece
  • how to start a small business in nigeria
  • how to build a glass waterfall
  • how to start a non-emergency transportation business
ultimately, i decided that the research required for me to write on ANY of these subjects would probably not be worth it for $15 per article.

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