wednesday april 28

today i studied a planet pizza flier that had arrived in our mailbox a couple days earlier. the brochure prominently advertised a "family meal deal," which it said came "with choice of dessert." curious about what sort of dessert options a pizza place might offer, i browsed through the entire menu, looking for that category. although i came across a slew of specials, appetizers, salads, and pastas, there were NO desserts listed anywhere in the flier. also curious: the section entitled "salads and subs" listed three things: caesar salad, mixed salad, and greek salad. the entire experience was one of my more confusing recent food-related encounters.


DQ said...

This wasn't nearly as salacious an entry as you hyped it up to be :(

luke said...

salacious was the last thing i depicted it to be.

xcarex said...

Last week we tried a new pizza place-- not only was the Meal Deal a surprisingly low price for a massive pizza/garlicfingers/pop combo, they didn't even tell us that there was a dessert involved. It was a sweet surprise! Four Joe Louis cakes in a paper bag.