saturday july 24

today i was walking along harbord street when a woman and child sitting on a stoop stopped me. this was the conversation we had:

her: "are you from around here?"
me (gesturing toward ossington): "yeah i guess so!"
her: "where are we?"
me (slightly confused): "like.... this street?"
her: "yeah."
me: "uh, this is harbord. harbord and ossington is a little ways up there."
her: "what's this intersection?
me (looking at the street sign that's about 30 feet away): "uh, montrose and harbord."
her: "ah okay, thanks. we ordered a pizza!"

at this point, i'm about to smile and walk away, but then her child starts talking to me:

him: "what's 16 up to 40?"
me: "sorry?"
him: "like, you already have 16 and you're going to 40."
me: "uh, you mean 16 plus 40?"
him: "no, like it's been 16 minutes out of 40 minutes."
me (finally understanding): "ohhh, 24!"
him: "thanks!"

as i walked away, i ascertained the following: they ordered a pizza that was going to take 40 minutes to deliver, and it had been 16 so far. during those 16 minutes, they still had no idea where they were. i can only imagine what they told the pizza place on the phone about where to send their dinner.

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