saturday july 3

today i walked down to college st. along ossington to pick up a take-out order. during the walk there, i approached dewson st., and a woman who was pulling two small children in one of those plastic toy wagons hit the crosswalk button on the opposite side of the street. since i needed to cross to the other side of ossington at some point, i decided to take advantage of the crosswalk and started walking through the intersection myself. but as we passed each other in the middle of the road, one of the children in the wagon dropped his hat into the street! "uh!" i called back. "i think you dropped something!" already on the other side of the road now, the woman looked back as i picked up the hat and carried it over to her. she thanked me profusely and i felt like i'd done a good deed, but i was also now back where i started, on the original side of the street -- and cars, tired of waiting for us to cross, had resumed passing through the intersection. mildly irritated, i continued walking on my side of the street, deciding to cross at the next light instead.

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