sunday july 18

today i was at the final day of the pitchfork music festival, watching major lazer's late afternoon set. about 15 minutes into the performance, a middle-aged hippie-looking guy in front of us turned around and asked my friend and me: "who is this?" it was an odd question, considering the group had already announced their name at least ten times, complete with a call-and-response ("MAJOR..." "...LAZER!"), but my friend told the guy who was on stage. after a beat, the guy asked, "where's here we go magic?" i suggested they were probably on the smaller side stage and pointed him in the right direction, at which point he said thanks and walked off. later, i noticed that here we go magic had started playing nearly 45 minutes earlier, meaning this guy probably missed their set entirely. although i felt bad for him, i had to chuckle at the fact that he'd stood through 15 minutes of major lazer's insane costumed-dancing, daggering, hennessy-swigging set before thinking, "this doesn't seem like here we go magic."

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DQ said...

You lucky bastard!