sunday august 1

today i was heading to a friend's place and realized i was out of subway tokens. this is always an unfortunate predicament. usually, i like to try to re-stock on tokens when i still have one or two left. that way, i don't have to worry about buying them when i'm running late somewhere, or having to wait in a long line of ttc customers. sure enough, when i approached the subway station, i saw the ttc attendant putting up the "back in a few" sign, though he continued to stand there. would he still sell me tokens? would i be able to sneak through when he left? a lot of questions were running through my mind as i walked up to the window. when i got there, i made eye contact and sort of gestured toward him with my wallet. to my surprise, he just smiled and waved his hand, indicating that i should just walk through. in retrospect, i'm not 100% sure "walk through without paying!" was what he meant, but when i did just that, no one stopped me.

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