thursday august 19

today i was standing in line waiting to buy a greyhound ticket for a 12:30 bus to london. with the clock on the wall reading 12:20 and me second in line, a woman two spots behind me in line started to panic about making a 12:30 bus (the same one as mine). she rushed to the front of the line and asked the guy standing in front of me if he was catching a 12:30 bus (he wasn't), then took his place at the front of the line. i wasn't sure whether to be offended that someone taking the same bus as me had jumped ahead of me, or amused that she was so concerned about missing it when i felt like i still had a ton of time to spare.

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Anonymous said...

these people are the worst. the worst. cant stand em. i love the feeling of watching the clock tick down as i wait in line behind a bunch of backpackers and geriatrics seemingly taking longer to purchase a ticket than i ever have. cash ready, student card in hand that tickets mine in under 30 seconds.