friday september 24

today i had a couple drinks with friends at ciro's. by about 1:15 am, the bar's patio had cleared out to the point that we were the only ones left on it, which apparently was a signal to the creatures of the night that it was fair game. for the next half-hour or so, we watched in alternating horror and amusement as three raccoons ambled over the fence into the patio area and tried to get at the garbage bins that were positioned between us and the entrance. finally, our server came out to see if we wanted anything for last call and was so terrified at the sight of two raccoons in her path that she got a guy from the kitchen to come out and scare them off with a broom.


Anonymous said...

it's weird because that was the time i actually left to go to the bars today. i still have to get used to that.
oh and there's no raccoons here, only a whole bunch of black cats everywhere.

Anonymous said...

why does my name say anonymous?