friday october 8

today i went to the library to pick up a hold i'd placed there. i scanned the shelf for a minute, looking for #1148, my four-digit library number under which the hold would be filed. finally finding it, i picked up the book i thought was mine, and noticed it felt unusually thin. i looked at the title, which read, in a funny font: why do cats have whiskers? confused, i looked back at the shelf and back at the number, and realized that i'd picked up #1138 rather than #1148.

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Anonymous said...

from an amazon review:
'This is clearly a book for fans, by a fan. There is a lot of anecdotal material and heavy use of speculative phrases such as "One story says" and "Historians believe," but no references to back anything up. The layout is cat friendly, with a fish-bone motif along the tops of the pages and plenty of beautiful color pictures of cats and kittens, wild and domestic, doing their thing.'