wednesday october 27

today i bought some halloween candy in preparation for potential trick-or-treaters this weekend. unsure whether or not we'd actually get many kids ringing our doorbell, i decided to make sure to buy candy that i liked, just in case i ended up having to eat leftovers. i bought a pack of 95 mini-skittles and mini-starbust. i've already eaten four. looks like it'll be the trick-or-treaters who are getting the leftovers!!


xcarex said...

We live in a building, so we absolutely won't get any kids, but the people at the grocery store don't need to know that. I've been taking mini Aeros and Kit Kats in my lunch at work all month.

Jack Kentala said...

I lost the taste for candy around age 22. Further proof that I lost my soul around the time I got my first credit card.

Anonymous said...

these are just calories now that you will have to work off later.