friday november 26

today i went to toby's to watch some sports and listen to "dj law" spin some good rap music. having heard him play one great rap song after another on wednesday, i was excited to stay later on in the night to see what he played. however, during the first 30-60 minutes of his night, dance songs and mediocre rap dominated the playlist. finally, i couldn't take it anymore. i approached him and, as tactfully as i could, said, "weren't you here on wednesday? weren't you playing, like.... good rap music then?" he sheepishly explained that he was trying to appease management and appeal to the weekend crowd, but from that point on, the music was noticeably better. i like to believe my guilt trip had something to do with that.


Anonymous said...

yes good. let dj law be!

Anonymous said...

who is this other anonymous?

lisa said...

erika tuck