friday december 10

today i was standing at a bus stop in london, on my way downtown, when the guy standing next to me asked me for the time. after i answered him, he took that as an opening to begin talking about other harmless topics: the bus route, the cold weather, and so on. after a couple minutes though, the conversation took an odd turn, when he announced: "i'm being watched." from there, he went on to explain that his girlfriend's house was across the street and she was peering at him through the window to make sure he got on the bus safely. then he proceeded to tell me about getting her pregnant (they lost the baby), the fact that he couldn't go to a regular high school because he had severe adhd and tourettes, and the problems he'd been experiencing in his baking classes because of a particularly annoying teacher -- "bitch put me on dishes!" he exclaimed at one point. by the time the bus arrived, my replies, which had initially been amiable, had turned into nods and grunts mixed with how-is-this-bus-so-late body language.


Finn said...

You should make this blog a little bit more famous, because then you could score a sweet book deal off it. Here's my idea: you do a sort of riff on "Decoded," where instead of explaining your lyrics, you go back in time and explain your entries. Like, take a random one -- 9/15/2008:

today i bought a bag of ranch-flavoured crispers on my lunch break, intending to eat them throughout the afternoon to quell my hunger. upon eating the first few, however, i realized there was no way i could eat them without getting my fingers dirty with lingering cripser crumbs; no good for simultaneously using a computer! my snack delayed, the post-work crispers chow down was pretty much all i thought about for the final three hours of my work day.

Like, do you still eat these things? Are they even still sold, or has this flavo(u)r been discontinued? Maybe you ate them so often that you are now repulsed by them. Maybe you realized that they're gross. Maybe they remain your favorite chip and you figure you've spent $800 on them lifetime. I think this'd be worth about as much as the average inane coffee table book.

Finn said...

Also it would be very meta, and you should try to get this written and published before meta-ness is completely out.

Rakhee said...

hahahhahahaha. I can totally picture this

xcarex said...

I'd buy it!