wednesday march 2

today i stopped at eb games on the way home from work, hoping they had a copy of raw vs. smackdown 2011 in stock. i'd really been craving a wrestling game for my ps3, and the last two times i'd stopped in at eb, they'd been sold out. this time, however, there was a copy on the shelf! excitedly, i brought it up to the counter, and the guy working there took the empty box and started looking for the real copy of the game, which they kept behind a locked door. two minutes later, he was still looking. after muttering things like "where is it?" and looking in spots that clearly were meant for storing wii games, he turned back to me and said "i don't know what to tell you!" hey, how about you tell me why you had a copy of the game on the shelf if you didn't have one in stock? or when you're getting more? or where else i can find it? FEEL LIKE SHARING ANY OF THAT WITH ME?!

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