wednesday march 9

today i spent nearly ten minutes searching for my box of mailing envelopes. while it would be easy enough to buy another envelope for the mail i needed to send, it was the principle of the thing that kept me looking. i'd bought this box of 50 when i needed to do a previous mailing, and had only ever used about three of them. what a waste of 47ish envelopes it would be if i just never found the box! but, despite my lack of storage space, it was nowhere to be found. when i mentioned my failure to track down the envelopes to my roommate later in the day, she suggested looking in one of our kitchen drawers, underneath the cutlery tray. sure enough, there they were. i'm glad i said something because otherwise i definitely wouldn't have found them until i moved out, at which point i would've kicked myself for buying that lone envelope back in march.

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