friday april 29

today i decided to stop at the lcbo on the way to a friend's house, rather than going to the beer store beforehand. though the beer store is a little more geographically convenient for me, i had an lcbo gift card that i hadn't used in the few weeks since receiving it, so i figured it was time to put a chunk in it. i went to the lcbo, bought some beers, went to my friend's house, and didn't realize until hours later that i'd never taken the gift card out of my pocket, paying with cash instead.


thursday april 28

today i got far too much amusement out of accidentally typing "fran's mastectomy boutique" as "frank's mastectomy boutique" at work.

wednesday april 27

today i attended a learning session on facial and ocular prosthesis at work. during the session, the lecturers passed around some samples of things they work with -- fake noses, eyes, etc. since i was sitting in the corner of the front row, these items all eventually came back around to me, as the session was winding down. i decided to wait the minute or two until they wrapped up to return the stuff, which left me to hold a fake face in my hands for a little longer than i would've liked.


tuesday april 26

today i got to the office and found that the software we typically use for all of our work wasn't opening properly. curious to see if it was a problem with my computer or the entire network, i popped my head over the cubicle wall to ask the girl sitting next to me if things were working for her. right before i asked, however, i realized that, having just returned from a four-day weekend, we should probably make a little small talk first before jumping right into the nitty-gritty. unfortunately, while my mouth made the necessary adjustment in time and said the right words, my brain hadn't yet processed the necessary shift in tone (from formal to casual). the result was me sounding like i really NEEDED to know how her weekend was, which cast a sort of uncomfortable shadow over the rest of the conversation.

monday april 25

today i took the bloor subway home from st. george to lansdowne. not paying much attention to my surroundings, it wasn't until i got up to get off at my stop that i noticed the couple sitting across the aisle from me. on the seat in front of them, they'd placed a bunch of shopping bags and such. one of the bags, though, was just an upside-down, empty popcorn bag -- and as i walked toward the subway door, i noticed it moving. weird, i thought, but probably just a result of the subway rocking back and forth, right? WRONG. glancing back once more before i got off the car, i saw that they'd lifted up the bag, revealing a small, live turtle on the seat. i'd sat across from it for five stops without noticing.

sunday april 24

today i was sitting on the runt club patio at about 2:30 am, finishing off my last bit of beer. the inside of the bar had gone dark and was presumably on the verge of closing, with last call having happened about 45 minutes earlier. however, this didn't stop a group of three drunk guys from excitedly running up to the patio and taking a seat, clearly under the mistaken impression that the bar was still hoppping and someone would be out to take their order any minute now.

saturday april 23

today i was walking down richmond row in london with a friend when a guy appeared seemingly from nowhere and asked if he could walk with us. for the next two blocks, he chattered away enthusiastically about his just-finished school year, his last exam (for a "bird" course), and his plans to meet his friends at jim bob's. he was like a big, dumb dog bounding up the sidewalk, in awe of all the people around him to play with.


friday april 22

today i was walking up margueretta toward the subway when i thought i heard singing. i looked up toward the intersection and, sure enough, saw a group of people in capes rounding bloor and turning onto my street, singing in unison. after briefly thinking that they were engaged in some sort of protest against the house of lancaster, i realized that this was some sort of good friday ceremony. there were about 60 of them, young and old, walking down the street wearing these capes and singing -- sometimes the front half would do a call and the back half would do a response! it was something to see, even though i still have no idea what the purpose was.

thursday april 21

today i went to make some toast and found two pieces of bread already in the toaster. considering both my roommates had left for easter weekend no less than eight hours earlier, i was a bit bothered by the presence of this mystery toast. though admittedly not as bothered as i would've been if it were still warm.

wednesday april 20

today i attended the blue jays game and watched as an annoying dude stood at the bottom of our section and attempted to start the wave for a good three or four minutes. even if WERE a supporter of the wave (i'm not) or if he were doing a good job at getting it started (he wasn't), i still would've been somewhat irritated. finally he got so awful that i, of all people, yelled "SIT DOWN!" at him. i hate yelling!

tuesday april 19

today i was walking down college street when my friends and i were stopped by a group of french people asking for a light. my friend provided the light and then made some small talk in french for a minute. at one point i thought the french girl he was talking to gestured in my direction, but all i could do was stand there with a stupid grin on my face and wonder why i took french through grade 12 when i barely understand any of it anymore.

monday april 18

today i got called "bestie" at work. even if it was in jest, which it was, it still made me feel pretty good.

sunday april 17

today i had a dream in which a routine trip to the ballpark turned deadly, when i witnessed a bleacher fight that ended up in one fan beating another to death. blood everywhere. it wasn't the greatest way to start my day.

saturday april 16

today i started a new twitter account dedicated solely to sports updates. follow it at @adams_luke, if you like sports, and me.

friday april 15

today i went to a bar whose seating was so crowded that we had to walk on top of the booth benches to get in and out of the seats.


thursday april 14

today i was on the subway when i noticed a nearby middle-aged woman using her iphone very oddly. her face was literally about an inch from the screen (maybe less), as she pressed buttons. i understand maybe not being able to see that well and getting close up to be sure, but she was so close to it that she may as well have been using her nose on the touch screen. it was fascinating.

wednesday april 13

today i picked up my order of samosas at work. the sellers had come around to my cubicle last week and asked if i wanted to order any, in support of japan relief. being accustomed to the smaller, three-for-a-dollar samosas from dosa mahal, i'd ordered five. this turned out to be a mistake, as i could only eat four of these much bigger ones for lunch before my appetite was shot for most of the rest of the day.

tuesday april 12

today i was at the beer store when a little old asian lady came in to drop off some empties. she presumably does this sort of thing regularly, since i think i'd seen her around the neighbourhood looking through recycling bins. plus, when she left, one of the beer store employees called after her "see ya later, gizmo." wait, gizmo?

monday april 11

today i was asked by a female co-worker, who wanted to buy world series tickets for her boyfriend, if the series was "always in new york."

sunday april 10

today i finally watched the social network for the first time. i took two breaks during my viewing, and checked my facebook both times.

saturday april 9

today i decided to stay in for the night and take it easy, not wanting to stay up too late before my morning work shift tomorrow. the move backfired when i decided to go to bed after the blue jays game, and it ended up lasting 5+ hours and 14 innings, setting me up for about as much sleep as i would've gotten anyway.

friday april 8

today i went to opera bob's to celebrate my birthday with friends. i'd reserved the biggest table in the place, which was ultimately a good decision but made things kind of awkward when i arrived at 8:00. besides me, a group of old folks were the only people in the bar. the bartender told me that they usually take over the table i'd reserved, which made me feel kind of silly for denying them a chance to sit there when they'd probably be in bed by the time i actually needed it.


thursday april 7

today i was walking down my street to the subway station when i noticed an unusual trail of red splotches on the sidewalk. the spots showed up every few feet, and were clearly an indicator that something had been dripping slowly but steadily. as i continued to walk, i noticed a cluster of these red splotches located at the entrance of an alley. i dunno, i guess it could have been some leaking juice or something, but i definitely spent a good chunk of my morning commute thinking about the different kinds of bloody injuries that could've caused the stains.

wednesday april 6

today i was given a blue jays cap for my birthday by a friend. i haven't worn a cap regularly since my baseball-playing days (pre-high school), and i was curious to see if i could even pull it off. by the end of the night, however, i was enjoying the experience so much that now i'm somewhat concerned that i'll become one of those "hat guys" that just wears it everywhere.

tuesday april 5

today i had to get another photo taken at work for my security pass (my old one doesn't work anymore). thinking i saw the camera click, i started walking away from my photo prematurely, only to be greeted by the camera's flash a second later. while it wasn't a big deal to re-take the photo, i was slightly embarrassed due to the fact that three women, who could see everything going on, were waiting behind me. sure enough, in my second photo attempt, which ultimately ended up on my security card, my cheeks are bright red, reflecting that embarrassment. i'll probably think about that whenever i look at it for the next six months.


monday april 4

today i returned to my government job and spent most of my first day working with application forms for wheeled walkers. in one series of applications, the therapist, rather than writing the usual "unsteady gait" diagnosis, had written "unsteadygate," a spelling error i enjoyed way too much, since it sounds like some sort of small-scale nursing home scandal.

sunday april 3

today i stepped on a dog.

saturday april 2

today i entered the ticket lineup at the blue jays box office at about 12:55. the game was a 1:07 start. by the time i got tickets and got to my seats, it was the top of the fourth inning.

friday april 1

today i went to the bathroom at the blue jays home opener, a little over halfway through the game. upon entering, i noticed that a couple of stadium paramedics were examining one of the stalls. a guy's feet were visible below the door -- he was sitting down, but there was a puddle of what looked like puke at his feet. by the time i was finished in the bathroom, the paramedics had opened the stall door and asked the guy if he'd had too much to drink. "nah, i'm good," he replied. i don't think they were convinced.


thursday march 31

today i went to a bar with a friend to see if they could show the cardinals/padres game, which had just gone into extra innings. unfortunately, no canadian network was picking up the espn feed, meaning the bar couldn't find it on the dial. a little dejected, we headed out and then followed the events of the 10th inning, pitch by pitch, on my friend's iphone as we walked down the street.