monday may 30

today i took the subway to finch station for work. as usual, as i tried to exit the car, the group of people preparing to enter crowded in, ready to push their way on the instant all of us had gotten off. however, today, one middle-aged man couldn't even wait that long, and pushed his way through the door while a handful of us were still waiting to exit. as soon as this happened, a younger guy started yelling at him, hilariously. "what is wrong with you?" he called. "are you a savage? you're a savage!" it was a wonderful way to start the work week.


Jack Kentala said...

The him/home typo made me think a guy was on a phone yelling at someone on the other end. That makes it funny in a different way.

Oh, how I miss this blog.

luke said...

haha, whoops. fixed.