one thing i did today: 2006-2011

today i decided to retire one thing i did today for good. i'm sorry, you guys. i thought i'd come back fresh and ready to go after my hiatus, but all the break did was reinforce that i'm just not as interested as i once was in keeping this thing going.

thank you to everyone that read and/or commented over the last five years. if it weren't for you guys, i undoubtedly would've called a day a lot earlier than i did. knowing that people (including plenty who don't even know me!) were consistently reading and enjoying the site was really awesome, and i don't feel good at all about quitting on you here.

BUT know that the fact i'm retiring the blog doesn't mean i'm retiring from the observational humour game in general. you can follow me on twitter at @jlukeadams or (for extremely infrequent sports observations) @Adams_Luke. plus, there's that "random one thing i did today" button on the right sidebar that lets you revisit one of my 1700+ entries at random. so that's some consolation... right? are we cool?

thanks again everyone. stay positive.


Jonathan Deschere said...

this site was an amazing display of creativity and consistency, and i really enjoyed it. great job, luke, and thanks!

Rakhee said...

This is terrible news. Times get tough and you just quit? YAH. I'll pull out some friday night lights' Coach Taylor pep talks if I have to. Can't you just make it, "one thing I did this week" or something? GAH. LUKE. twitter trumps blog huh?.. Is this going to be a thing now? Like when tumblr sortof replaced blogger/blogspot/wordpressblabla because people got too lazy to actually form thoughts so they "curate" instead... and NOW twitter is doing the same thing? Well I have just one question for you Luke, What DID you do today? Break my heart? KINDA.

Lynn said...

Always enjoyed your posts, Luke...thanks for keeping it going for so long!

Jack Kentala said...

Better leave them wanting more than wishing it stopped earlier.

I have come to an age of semi-unselfishly know that when the creator wants to retire his or her creation, I respect that. That, and it gives me excuses to do the same thing.

It's been an amazing run living vicariously through this blog. Now that it's done, I can finally start my screenplay adaptation.

All the best to you, Jonathan Lukea Adams,

Rakhee said...

dear luke, sorry for being overly dramatic. Good luck with you future endeavors. You know what I mean