tuesday december 31

today i woke up with a little streak of blood on my pillow case from where my hand had been resting. i sliced my finger open last night and while normally i’d put a band-aid on something like that, i discovered after the incident that i’d already used up all my band-aids. none left. i reflected on the fact that maybe i shouldn’t have used two band-aids from the package of 10 to dress up as owen wilson from the darjeeling limited for a wes anderson party i attended a few years ago, since then i'd still have a couple left now. to be fair though, that costume was the reason i bought the band-aids in the first place.


monday december 30

today i made myself a new chicken pasta dish for dinner. i was pretty excited about it, using a new kind of seasoning and everything. as i was draining the pasta though, the handle on my pot broke off, and two-thirds of the noodles fell into the sink, which was full of dirty dishes. trying to make the most of the situation, i ate the remaining third, and then decided to try to fix the pot handle. when i went to grab the screwdriver from my toolbox though, i discovered that all the tools were rusty and gross, apparently having been left out in the rain at some point, or maybe taken into a bath. by the time the whole ordeal was over, i'd come up with a sort-of makeshift fix for the pot, my hands were covered in dirt and grease and rust, and i was still hungry.