friday march 14

today i watched the end of the raptors game at hurricanes with a friend and stuck around for a little while afterward. once the sound for the game was turned off, the bar opted for an all-90s-rock playlist, which i was really feeling. while most of the selections were fairly predictable (soundgarden, pearl jam, smashing pumpkins, etc.), my favourite pick was collective soul's "heavy." hearing that one brought me right back to 1999, when 13-year-old me bought dosage only having heard "heavy" (the lead single) on the radio. i still remember how i excited i was by how much better those sweet guitar riffs sounded on cd.


Xave said...

Such riffage. FM 96 had such a hard-on for Collective Soul. I remember when they would do huge countdowns of the best songs of the 90s, or ever, or whatever, I'm pretty sure "Shine" was #1. The best song ever!!! Either that or "Lightning Crashes". (I was so into those lists)

Luke Adams said...

They were the best. I'm pretty sure the year-end ones happened on December 31, so there were at least a couple years when that's how I spent most of my NYE.