friday march 7

today i brought home take-out food and groceries. although there were some groceries i needed to put in the fridge, i decided i'd wait until after eating my food, so the food was still as hot as possible. after bringing everything upstairs though, i realized i'd forgotten to bring a drink up with me, so i headed downstairs to the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and returned to my room upstairs.

however, as i sat down to eat, i realized i didn't have a fork. i briefly considered using a teriyaki chicken plastic fork that was still sitting on my desk, but decided no i won't live like this, and headed back downstairs to get a real fork.

SOMEHOW, though, during the 20 seconds it took to go downstairs and come back up, i forgot what i'd gone down for, and ended up doing something else entirely. meaning i got back to my room, realized i still had no fork, and angrily returned downstairs to get one.

by the time i finally started eating, i'd come upstairs four times, and so much time had passed that i could've easily just unpacked my groceries if i'd planned things a little better.


Jack Kentala said...

"no i won't live like this" is the thesis statement for this blog.

Rakhee said...

now I'm craving teriyaki express