thursday may 15

today i decided to watch jeopardy! since the "battles of the decades" was in the finals and i was looking forward to seeing some real heavyweights battle it out. when final jeopardy rolled around, the following answer was presented for the 'academy awards' category:
one of the two movies in the last 30 years, one a drama and one a comedy, to win oscars for best actor and best actress.
although i was sitting by myself in the living room, i mumbled "as good as it gets" out loud, as if somehow the fact that i said it aloud would officially put it on the record as my answer. sure enough, as good as it gets was one of the two solutions, along with silence of the lambs, and neither ken jennings nor brad rutter got it right. gimme dat million.


Jack Kentala said...

I got Silence but maybe that's because I watched Hannibal last night and read Red Dragon the past week.

One of those movies where Hopkins was onscreen for about 10 minutes and won an Oscar. I think he holds the record for shortest screentime for an Oscar. And now I prefer Mads Mikkelsen in the role.

But good shout on As Good As It Gets. One of those movies that I think I've half seen and saw all the trailers for it so I assume I can go my whole life without bothering to watch it.

Luke Adams said...

i remember as good as it gets really well because my 12-year-old self was very confused about why it was getting so many accolades from everyone. it was no anaconda.

Jack Kentala said...

Part of growing up is realizing that the Oscars are rigged. See also: Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, the old woman from Titantic being on screen for 5 mins and getting a best supporting actress nod, Crash, Paul Newman and Scorsese winning Oscars well after their primes, etc.

Also, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kings has not aged well at all, and that swept the Oscars just because the first two movies had a shit-ton of nods but won basically nothing.