wednesday may 28

today i was at the jays game when the guys sitting in the row behind mine got called out into the concourse to have a "talk" with a stadium employee. while i didn't see them doing anything wrong, they never returned, so presumably they were kicked out for some sort of infraction. on their way out, however, one of them accidentally knocked over a can of beer. slowly but surely, the spilled beer began trickling toward our row, eventually making its way down to the floor where my feet were positioned. a friend asked an usher if he could bring a mop or something else to clean up the mess, which he agreed to do, but he instead disappeared for about 15-20 minutes and eventually returned mopless (but with a handful of all-star ballots). in the end, i just kept my feet off the ground - on the seat in front of me - for the rest of the game, somehow managing to escape the stadium without sticky shoes.

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