thursday june 19

today i headed to adelaide hall to see one of my favourite bands. because it was a nxne show and i didn't have a wristband, i decided to get there early, not knowing how busy it would be and whether i'd have trouble getting in. as it turned out, there were only about 20 people there upon my arrival, so the rest of my night involved a lot of waiting around. fortunately, i was able to grab a prime pole not far from the stage to lean against, which helped ease the burden on my feet. however, at one point, after one of the opening bands finished, i briefly left my leaning pole to get a drink at the bar not 10 feet away, and turned around a moment later to find that someone who had been standing nearby had moved into the exact position where i'd been standing, stealing my leaning spot right under my nose. this seemed like a blatant breach of the unwritten rules of concertgoing, and i strongly let him know - with occasional frowns in his direction the rest of the night - that i wasn't pleased.

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