tuesday june 3

today i arrived at la carnita and was told a table would be ready in 10-15 minutes. while i waited for that table, and for my friend to show up, i sat down at the bar and ordered a muskoka summer weiss. after a couple failed pours, the bartender told me he had to go change the keg. okay, no big deal. while that was happening, my friend showed up, and within the next couple minutes, we were told our table was ready. however, when the host asked if i'd ordered a beer, i said "yeah, they had to change the keg" and she suggested that i wait to settle up at the bar first. this seemed unnecessary -- our table was less than 10 feet away. couldn't we just sit down, add that beer to the bill, and have them bring it over? in any case, we waited for what felt like forever but couldn't have been more than four minutes or so, then were told by the bartender that the summer weiss tap was a lost cause. "i think our table's ready anyway," i said, and ordered a different beer after we sat down.

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