wednesday september 17

today i headed to st. cecilia catholic elementary school after work to play basketball with a couple friends. predictably, we weren't the only ones with that idea, as a group of kids who were probably 11-14 years old were also shooting around. always open to the idea of playing a full-fledged 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 game, we split into teams and started playing. while the game started off promising enough, it quickly devolved into a spectacle for these brats to try to show off just how good they were at dribbling, and just how far away they could shoot from. at times, no one would make a pass for five or six possessions, or if they'd pass you the ball, they'd immediately call "pass it back!" as if they'd done you a huge favour by just letting you touch the ball for a second or two. although play improved a little once we actually started keeping score and played a game to 21, it was still a painful experience for me -- i pride myself on my passing, but in this case felt like i couldn't afford to give up the ball in the rare instances i ended up with it.

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