wednesday september 24

today i ordered a pizza from domino's. as is the case with any domino's online delivery, the site gave me the progress report throughout the process, culminating with the notification that my driver was on his way. oddly, despite the fact that the nearby domino's is only about a three-minute drive from my place, it took over 15 minutes before my pizza arrived. anyway, when the delivery guy finally showed up, he said to me, "i forgot your drink" as he was handing me my drink, then sort of mumbled "here you go" and handed me a dipping sauce i didn't order. while he didn't make it clear at all, my acute ability to size up a situation allowed me to recognize that the reason the delivery had taken so long was because he'd had to go back to get my drink, and he'd brought the free dipping sauce by way of apology.

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