wednesday september 3

today i was searching for an old message on facebook and inadvertently fell into a bit of a sinkhole of nostalgia. i ended up spending about 45 minutes looking back through facebook conversations from years ago (2006-08) with people i didn't remember until seeing their names again today -- there were some i still don't remember, in fact. fair warning: we may be friends now, but there's a chance i'll have entirely forgotten you by 2020.

anyway, my most incredible discovery stemmed from a conversation i found from january 2008, in which i exchanged messages with a girl who'd had an art opening at london's alex p. keaton. at this opening, we'd had an awkward and confusing encounter which ended with her telling me "fuck you" a few times, as documented here. our messages after the fact seemed nice enough though, with her apologizing, me telling her i liked her art, and her promising that i should see it in the light of day sometime and that it'd be a "friendlier encounter" the next we met.

because her facebook account was no longer active, i couldn't identify who this person was, but because i was curious, i did a real internet deep-dive using the wayback machine to find the apk's event listings for january 8, 2008, and discovered that the person whose art i praised and who promised me a friendly encounter one day is the same person who i picked last month (thinking i'd never met her before) to do my first tattoo.

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burcu said...

This is hilarious!