monday january 19

today i asked for 10 ttc tokens at lansdowne station. while i was standing there, waiting for my tokens and change, a guy walked up behind me. in the past, i've felt dumb about standing in the way of people who i thought needed to talk to the ttc attendant, when it turns out they just wanted to get by me to use the change drop-box. so, wanting to avoid that happening again, i sort of moved to the side a little, but he didn't pass, so i figured okay, he's just waiting behind me in line.

still, i didn't want to be standing there forever, so when i got my tokens, i tried to quickly sweep them all into my hand, and predictably ended up dropping three of the 10 onto the floor. i then spent way too long picking those three up, particularly one which i just couldn't get a grip on, and probably spent a good five seconds trying to pry off the ground.

after several embarrassing seconds, i finally rounded up all my tokens and shoved one into the drop-box before entering the station, only to notice that the guy behind me had in fact just been waiting to pay with change all along -- the reason he didn't pass me before was that he was carrying a guitar on his back and there wasn't enough room to squeeze by. a mortifying 30 seconds, all around.

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