monday january 5

today i noticed that the entrance to the walkway along the side of my building (the one i use to get to the basement door to my apartment) had the words "don't enter" written in pink chalk on the ground. this was curious. i already knew from my reliable next-door neighbour wayne (who lives on the other side) that the landlords of this place had previously been against the idea of me - or whoever lived in my apartment - using the walkway at all, since they felt like it was theirs. but they haven't said anything to me in five months. would they passive-aggressively be making this stance now? or had there been other people using that walkway unnecessarily? no matter how many times i rolled the idea around in my head, i kept coming back to only one conclusion that made sense: my neighbours aren't fond of all the food-delivery guys i tell to come down the walkway to my door.

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