saturday january 17

today i went to the bank to deposit my most recent pay cheque and had the same teller who had, two months ago to this day, recognized what i wanted to do before i even said it. assuming the same thing would happen today, i started to say "just want to deposit this..." before she jumped in with "into your american account?" i chuckled and said "yeah. thought you might finish my sentence there," to which she laughed and replied, "as soon as i see the cheque, i just know!" this caught me pretty off guard, since i'd assumed she'd been recognizing me and not my cheques. while i know in my heart that still must be true (like, maybe she recognizes me and then knows to look for the cheques), her comment left me quietly devastated and it was a real struggle to maintain my loose, genial vibe for the rest of the transaction.

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Jack Kentala said...

If it hasn't already, this will eventually be the meet cute in a future romcom.