monday february 23

today i finally snapped a weeks-long streak of not ordering food to my house. as i noted last month, the dark, icy walkway and stairs to my apartment have made me feel guilty about forcing delivery guys to come to my front door, and obviously i've yet to actually buy any salt to improve the situation. in this instance, i left a helpful "watch your step" note on my order and prepared to give the delivery guy a big tip. however, a half-hour after i placed my order, i got a call from him -- he was out front, and essentially forced me to put on boots and a coat and go out and meet him. "scary!" was the first thing he said when i came out from my walkway, which i thought was a bit dramatic. also, having just received his call and hurriedly threw on my coat and grabbed my money, i hadn't had a chance to adjust my tipping plan, so i still ended up giving him the big tip for braving the stairs even though he hadn't actually done it. not impressed.

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