sunday february 8

today i went to red seal notary on adelaide street in order to get copies of my id notarized for my new job. while i wasn't sure what to expect, what i did not anticipate was that walking into the office would be like walking into a comedy sketch. i came in when the place had been open for about three hours, and it seemed very possible - based on comments made by the notary public, mary mainguy hope - that i was the first "customer" of the day, which added to the level of surreality. it was just joke after joke with mary. her banter game was strong, and included an extended riff on how i should consider changing my first name from "jonathan" to "janathan," after she made a typo on my invoice. really looking forward to getting another document notarized, if that's something i'll ever have to do again.


Amanda said...

You should definitely put this on their Yelp page.

Meghan said...

haha! I'm a notary public if you ever need anything notarized or commissioned.