tuesday february 24

today i went to the rogers centre for the first day of my new job. in order to get an elevator pass for the day, a member of our group was forced to turn over a piece of "collateral" to security for the day, so i left my driver's license at the desk. obviously i picked it up when i returned the elevator pass at the end of the day, but it occurred to me that i had a new driver's license scheduled to arrive in the mail any day now, and it really wouldn't have been a hassle at all if i'd just left my old one with rogers centre security forever. sure enough, when i got home and checked my mail, my new license had arrived, meaning i immediately discarded my old one mere hours after it had played such a crucial role.

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Jack Kentala said...

My valid driver's license is unbearded and I'm currently bearded. There was only slight confusion at a venue once, but then I taped the bearded expired license to my back-pocket scratch notebook in case I need to prove my identity dependent on my state of beardness.

I anticipate that this will never ever be a problem. That is, until I move onto a new scratch notebook that doesn't have my expired DL.

The end.