friday march 6

today i noticed that - as it had been for the last week and a half - my brita water pitcher was flashing the red "change" light at me whenever i used it, indicating it was time to change the filter. on one hand, i felt like this was premature on the filter's part — it hasn’t been THAT long since i changed it, and it’s not like i’m some family of four, pouring dozens of glasses of water per day. it seemed to me that i could probably get away with just reseting the warning light to "good" and letting it ride for another couple months. on the other hand, it always makes me feel very uneasy to ignore instructions i receive from machines, and this is the thing that ended up winning out -- i changed the filter.

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Jack Kentala said...

If I had a dollar for every time I saw someone's tap Brita filter was red, I'd have at least twenty-two dollars.