saturday march 14

today i tried to shazam a song that was playing at duffy’s, even though i was 99% sure it was "cumbersome" by seven mary three. before shazam finished working, the song unexpectedly faded out as the live band finished their break and started playing again. while i couldn’t prove to my friend that the song was in fact "cumbersome," i confirmed it on my own when i got home -- this prompted me to remember that when i was a teenager, i’d had an acoustic version of the song that i greatly preferred to the original. i then spent 15 minutes trying to track down this acoustic version, but it was nowhere to be found. despite there being a record of it on wikipedia, it wasn’t on youtube, itunes, or anywhere else. now i may have to dig out my old mix cds to try to find it, because it’s become one of those nagging things that i just can’t let go.

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