thursday march 19

today i went to a show at comedy bar that was free, but also "pay what you can." on my way out, i had the opportunity to throw some change into the pay-what-you-can bucket, but my hands were tied up, carrying my jacket and the empty glass of beer that i felt weird leaving in the room. i didn’t want to stop, put something down so i could pull out my wallet, and hold up the rest of the people who were trying to leave the room, so i made the snap decision not to pay anything, and also declined to take a flier from the host as i left. the decision showed a stunning lack of foresight on my part, since she was friends with the friend i attended the show with, and five minutes later, the two of them were talking while i sat there wondering if it was too late to offer to pay what i could. if i’d been her, i’d have been pretty unimpressed with me.

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