monday april 20

today i went to a friend’s place to watch the leaked second, third, and fourth episodes of game of thrones, arriving a little late since i’d already seen the second episode. as i sat there watching, i was aware that a friend of my friend had brought her one-year-old son over, and he was wandering around, occasionally watching the tv. eventually, he decided to stand about a foot away from the tv, watching the action taking place on screen. having already seen the episode, i knew there was a particularly brutal scene coming up, in which a guy gets a sword through the neck, and i wondered if i should say something. ultimately, i decided to stay quiet for the following reasons:

  1. i didn’t want to spoil what was about to happen
  2. if this one-year-old is allowed to be in a room of people watching game of thrones, he can probably handle it.
so, this happened:

and there was sort of a gasp throughout the room, not just a reactionary one, but an "oh this kid probably shouldn't be watching this" one. for his part, he stood there staring at the screen for a few more seconds before saying "uh oh!" and wandering away. could've been worse.

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Jack Kentala said...

Not much given that GOT is basically NC-17, but my first conscious memory is seeing the PG-13 1989 Batman in a theater when I was about 3. In retrospect, it explains a lot of things. Probably why I never really got into Prince.