thursday april 16

today i participated in the "guess the attendance" game that a few people in the rogers centre press box play during blue jays games. when i was asked for my guess in the third inning, i was caught off guard, having forgotten to take a look at the crowd. i quickly glanced at my monitor and replied,
"uh, let’s say 14,433."

a few innings later, the guy who had initially asked for my guess returned and told me, incredulously, "you got it dead on." for a minute i thought he was messing with me, some sort of new-guy hazing ritual. but after he left, i looked it up, and he wasn’t lying -- the announced attendance was 14,433. somehow, on the very first time i participated in this contest, i became the first person (maybe not ever, but certainly the first this season) to make a perfect guess. it was the epitome of beginner’s luck, and i can only assume they all hate me now.

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