tuesday april 21

today i went straight from work to lee’s palace, where i had tickets to see the wombats. i arrived about 5-10 minutes ahead of the person i was meeting there, and stood outside listening to the wombats play a couple songs until she arrived. as we went to walk inside, the bouncer inspected my bag and advised me that i couldn’t bring my half-empty bottle of water from work into the venue. he went to throw it out, but i stopped him and said, "actually i wouldn’t mind keeping the bottle. i’ll dump it out." while i emptied the contents of the bottle on the street, it occurred to me that i probably looked pretty ridiculous, a guy willing to stand outside for 10 minutes while the show he paid $20 for took place inside, but NOT willing to part with a plastic water bottle i could’ve replaced (w/ water!) for $1.

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