wednesday april 1

today i received a phone call from an unknown number at around 1:00 pm. the conversation, to the best of my memory, went something like this:

me: "hello?"
him: "hi, who’s this?"
me: "uh, this is luke."
him: [unintelligible]
me (assuming he just said he has the wrong number and waiting to see if he’s gonna ask me to confirm my number or anything): "ah…."
me: "… sorry, did you say you had the wrong number?"
him: "no, i had a missed call from you."
me (wracking my brain trying to think of the last time i made a phone call and coming up empty): "oh, that’s weird. definitely don’t think i called you."
him: "oh, okay… this isn’t cool hand luke, is it?"
me (unsure if he’s making a joke or if he actually knows someone that goes by this nickname): "haha, no."
him: "alright, bye."

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