wednesday april 8

today i received an email from a friend telling me that she had a belated birthday gift for me, asking what my house number was. since i typically work in my pyjama pants during the day, i stressed that she should let me know if and when she was stopping by so that i could look presentable. a few hours later, there was a knock at my door and as i walked to answer it, i was shaking my head at the fact that she hadn’t given me any warning.

as it turned out though, when i opened the door, it wasn’t my friend, but was instead a ups delivery guy. if he was phased by my pyjama-pants look, he didn’t show it -- guy was a pro. "luke?" he asked when i answered the door, and when i said yes, he said "your neighbour was right!" guessing my old pal wayne pointed him in the right direction toward my back basement entrance.

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